Occupancy Schedule

Please note that the Volksbad is also a club pool, which is of course also used for club sports by the operating clubs. There may therefore be restrictions on bathing operations during training times or times when water polo games or competitions are taking place.

Here we keep you up to date on occupations:

1) Swimming and Water Polo training
During the week, club training generally takes place from around 5 p.m. During this time the swim lanes or sections of the pool be delimited for club sports.

2) Water Polo games and competitions

25.05. Bundesliga 18:00 o`clock
26.05. Bundesliga 12:00 o`clock
29.05. Bundesliga 18:30 o`clock
01.06. Waspo Women - ETV Hamburg 18:00 o`clock
05.06. Bundesliga 18:30 o`clock
05.06. U18 - Laatzen 19:00 o`clock
23.06. Waspo Women - Rostock 12:00 o`clock
29.06. Cup championship Women - various games
30.06. Cup championship Women - various games
17.08. U15 - White Sharks 10:30 o`clock
17.08. U14 - White Sharks 12:30 o`clock
18.08. U14 - Wolfenbüttel 11:00 o`clock

The water polo courts are drawn into the large swimming pool about 45 minutes before the start of the game.


Subject to change !

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